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The Sacramental Coordinator assists with most parish liturgical celebrations. She prepares the General Intercessions for Sunday Masses each week and for holy days. These prayers reflect the readings of the day, the liturgical seasons, and local and world prayer needs, including our sick and recently deceased. She collaborates with the pastor to prepare the sanctuary for special celebrations throughout the liturgical year, including the Easter Triduum, communal penance services (reconciliation), and our All Souls Day Mass for parishioners who have died during the previous year.

The Sacramental Coordinator’s other responsibilities include baptisms, weddings and funerals. She prepares the Eucharistic Chapel and the sanctuary for baptisms and greets parents and guests. For weddings, she meets with the bride or the couple in advance to advise them on the wedding liturgy; our facilities; decorations for the day, including flowers and candles; and other practical information such as guidelines for photographers. She arranges the preparation of the sanctuary for the occasion. A team from the parish will be present on the wedding day to set up and oversee details.

When a parishioner dies, the Sacramental Coordinator meets with the grieving family to aid them in planning the funeral liturgy. She will schedule the funeral Mass and coordinate the various ministries: the celebrant (one of our priests or a visiting priest); music (our pianist, cantor or a substitute); a vigil service/rosary when requested (our deacon); and the Manna Ministry, when a reception after the funeral is requested. The coordinator will assemble programs as worship aids for the funeral Mass, and she will reserve appropriate facilities. On the day of the funeral, she will prepare the sanctuary and narthex and be present to assist the family and/or the funeral director.

The Sacramental Coordinator also supervises the Candle Ministry and the floral designer who arranges flowers each week for the niche above the altar and other seasonal floral decorations.

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